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Elvira Caria and Nadia Cerelli-Fiore

2015 Vaughan

“The benefit of giving back is that we directly affect change. It is what you have done with life that really matters at the end of the day.” - Elvira

Elvira has enjoyed a 30-year career in the media business starting off as a News Reporter before moving on to radio journalism. Elvira became one of the most dynamic On-Air radio personalities and sought after voiceover actors in Toronto until she left radio full time to venture into entrepreneurship. She has always been passionate about giving back because she was raised in a home where she was taught to be humble, respectful, kind and to share with others. In her capacity as a newsperson, her sense of compassion for others grew as she was exposed to many underprivileged people and was touched by their personal struggles.

Nadia Cerelli-Fiore is a marketing guru; her passion digs deep into the world of marketing stemming from her professional career in the Radio & Television industry of over 20 years. With her educational background and award winning certifications, she is no stranger to the media industry. While her work in a marketing capacity is often referred to as the “fun and games department”, her desire to make a difference is about loving life and people. “As a mother of two young children, giving back begins at home. I have always been fortunate to be surrounded by family and friends and things that I love about life!” she said. “Everyone should be so lucky.”

Elvira and Nadia share the same work ethic and have banded together to create Plan B Promotions, a full service marketing and advertising agency. As co-founders, Elvira and Nadia make sure that with every event they do, there is a charity component where the business provides support through services, time and in-kind donations to numerous community groups and charitable organizations. Some include: Vaughan Food Bank, SantaFest in Maple, Giant Steps, Hospice Vaughan and ETA Women's Shelter. Their portrait was taken at the Vaughan Food Bank, where Plan B Promotions’ special event Savour York Region Restaurant Week supports the food bank through its annual Thanksgiving Food Drive. The region wide foodie event has been in existence for nine years, originally created as a local Vaughan based event that has grown into one of the most anticipated events across York Region.

Plan B Promotion’s philosophy is simple, they believe in community involvement and in philanthropic giving. “We feel very blessed in our experiences and in the success of our business, but we are socially conscious that there are many in our community who are in need of our support and help.” said Elvira. For her, every time they give back becomes a memorable moment, but to pick one that stands out for her was when they raised over $16,000 in four short hours during their annual food drive. A cheque was presented to Vaughan Food Bank Executive Director Peter Wixson who was moved to tears. “That was a magical and touching moment that validated everything we have been doing,” said Elvira. “Giving back makes you feel good as a person to know that you are contributing to the fabric of our community. It is a great feeling to see that we can make a difference with small, simple things and acts of kindness.”

Nadia said that her most memorable moment of giving back was when they announced that their charity choice for The Chocolate Ball was going to be Giant Steps — an organization dedicated to helping children with autism — during their tour of the school and facility. “It was a moment I will personally never forget,” said Nadia. “We saw firsthand where the donated monies were going and how they were directly helping children with autism integrate into regular schools. As a new mother, I realized how incredibly fortunate I was, and I wanted to lend a helping hand to families who needed it.”

Giving back does not always involve a monetary contribution. Elvira and Nadia offer in-kind services and sit on various boards in the community. Together, their ongoing goal is to continue to uphold their philanthropic ethic as individuals and as a business.


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