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Angel Freedman

Stouffville 2021

Angel Freedman is a Registered Social Worker in private practice in Stouffville, Ontario, providing counselling to individuals and couples, as well as youth and teens. She also works with couples going through separation and divorce. Angel holds the following additional diplomas: Family Mediation, Parenting Educator, and Trained in Trauma. She believes in a holistic approach looking beyond the individual to their work life, family, and relationships.

Angel assists her clients further by suggesting content to read and recommending journaling and self-care tips outside of their sessions, which they have found to work extremely well. Grieving and healing through any life situation deserves time; Angel’s understanding, patience, and solution-oriented counselling has guided many in finding their way.

When the pandemic closed most of the world, Angel had to roll up her sleeves and quickly restructure how to help her clients during this challenging time. When she couldn’t see them in person in her office, Angel offered her counselling services by video online, as well as by phone. She reached out to every client ensuring them she was going to be accessible in the way that made them most comfortable. Once Angel was able to reopen her office, she followed strict protocols and has had all forms of personal protective equipment (PPE) available for her clients. Counselling is very personal and wearing a mask at first was quite intrusive in many ways, however, she adjusted and focussed on those who needed her support. Throughout this time, Angel has received countless emails and calls from clients expressing their appreciation for her help during their personal crises and Covid-19.

Angel has always wisely believed that a therapist needs a trusted advisor and she’s truly grateful for hers. Debriefing client files and talking about her own journey with her therapist has been invaluable to Angel during their twenty-year relationship, especially throughout the pandemic.

In her precious spare time, Angel is a Theatre Director and President and Founder of the Canadian registered charity, Fill a Purse for a Sister Campaign. Angel’s mission is to promote awareness, especially around domestic violence, and make this a better world one community at a time. She considers herself a self-proclaimed feminist, staunch advocate for gender equality, and is passionate about helping women find their voice.

Fill a Purse for a Sister Campaign brings comfort, hope, and dignity to women and youth in crisis with the gift of purses filled with personal necessities. During the 2020 campaign—September 1 through to December 1—8,132 filled purses were collected in Ontario. You can learn more about this meaningful effort at

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