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Elgin Mills

Richmond Hill 2021

Delmanor Inspired Retirement Living is owned and operated by Tridel. The team, a group of amazingly compassionate individuals at Delmanor Elgin Mills, has naturally followed the Tridel’s example with a profound desire to enrich the lives of all residents.

Delmanor’s core values, summarized below, are the team’s driving force in everything they do every day:

Respect: Honour each person as a unique and valuable member of the community.

Compassion: Be caring, patient, and kind in words and actions to each other and those they serve.

Commitment: Work together to be the best they can be.

Accountability: Accept responsibility for their work, their decisions, and the resources they use.

Integrity: Remain grounded in the principles and family traditions of Tridel, committed to being honest and doing the right thing.

One of the most memorable moments giving back took place in the summer of 2014 when Delmanor Elgin Mills, in conjunction with The Regional Municipality of York, Housing York Inc., and York Region Food Network launched the Dunlop Community Garden in Richmond Hill. This was an initiative of the Seeds for Change—a grassroots community organization, and York Region Healthy Aging, and it was funded by Delmanor Elgin Mills. The objective was to give residents an area to plant and nourish a large garden, and it has flourished over the years, providing the enjoyment of gardening and social connection. In addition to sponsoring special events like a local curling bonspiel, their efforts are in the little things as well, like cookie drop-offs to thank community partners or to support an older adult who is having a hard day.

The Elgin Mills team says that knowing they’re making a difference in the lives of their residents and their family members is a tremendous and constant reward for the work they do. Hearing from a resident and their loved ones that they made the right decision choosing Delmanor Elgin Mills as their new home truly touches their hearts.

As they navigate through the pandemic, understanding that their residents look to the entire staff to keep them safe and meet their needs, it becomes a delicate balance ensuring the team is also prioritizing their own self-care. At Delmanor Elgin Mills, in addition to being guided by their core values and commitment to quality care, they have a morning stand-up where all team members meet to share what is happening in their department. They take time for lighthearted conversations and to reflect on something meaningful to reinforce that they are always in it together.


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