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Gary Semenuik

2019 Georgina Honouree

Gary Semeniuk passionately leads the York Region Eco Team, a real estate model he is building with his wife and business partner, Gina, and … Jake, that allows them to provide exceptional service to their clients while at the same time maintaining a balanced lifestyle for themselves. His responsibility and his mission are to mentor their team members to be leaders too. Each day they collaborate to pass on high level service and industry acumen to their buyer and seller clientele.

Gary has been nominated for numerous honours such as York Region’s Character Community for Citizen of Character, Georgina’s Business Awards, and the Community Spirit Award.

Life takes us down many twisting, turning roads, shares Gary. Back in the early 2000s, as luck would have it, he was encouraged by a friend to check out some personal growth programs popular at the time. Gina also joined him on this journey. They were thrilled to have connected with the organization, Klemmer and Associates. It was life-changing. The opportunity and timing were incredible and what they learned helped shape them both, and subsequently their children. This affiliation took Gary and Gina out to California for a number of challenging yet empowering workshops. They also spent time in California and Mexico raising large sums of money, then journeyed their way through small impoverished towns where they built small homes, community centres, daycare centres, and the like. Those trips opened Gary’s awareness and stirred in him the need to give back.

Mahatma Gandhi’s famous quote, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world,” has been a driving force for much of what Gary does in life, always stepping up and making a difference where he can.

Gary, Gina, and their family have been deeply involved in Georgina and the greater York Region area, organizing and running community events. Their intent with each event is simple: to gather people with the goal of raising funds and awareness for programs such as Jericho Youth Services, Hospice Georgina, and the Georgina Food Pantry. A couple of their annual events include the ONES Car Show and the Thanksgiving Pie Giveaway.

“Our lives are enriched by taking a few extra steps to help others,” imparts Gary. Joy is a great gift. He emphasizes that it is such a reward—the smiling faces, the gratitude that he and Gina receive for simply lending a hand and befriending those in need in their community.

In the future, Gary and Gina hope to explore the possibilities of creating their own charity, with the goal of leaving an even more meaningful legacy than they already have.


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