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Benny Soscia

2019 Aurora Honouree

Benny Soscia seems larger than life in many ways; if he’s not working and running the family business, Borg Fence Inc., he’s spending time with family, helping his community, travelling, and art collecting. A good life balance is important to him. Benny lives by a simple mantra that there’s always a reason to smile because when you enjoy what you’re doing, you love getting up in the morning to get a new day started.

Borg Fence Inc. was established in 1978 and started off as a small residential fence installation company. Over the years it has grown into a large company driven by hard work, integrity, and dedication to providing customers with quality service. They now focus more on commercial/industrial and new development construction projects. Clearly, the philosophy that drives Benny is to work hard and believe in yourself. He loves employing people and giving them the opportunity to succeed. This is evident in the great team around him, Borg’s fifty-five employees, and especially his children, Frank, Marino, and Elisa who help run the business with him.

His free-spirited philanthropy has left its mark in Aurora and far beyond. The many causes, organizations, and charities he and his family have supported over the years include Kids Help Phone, Toronto Youth Bocce Corporation (Associate Partner of Special Olympics Ontario), Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Sick Kids Hospital, William Osler Health Foundation, and The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation (Ride to Conquer Cancer).

One of Benny’s most memorable moments giving back was when he owned the Aurora Tigers hockey club; he and his management team worked together to assist the young players in obtaining university scholarships. Incredibly, over one hundred scholarships were presented.

When asked about how best to inspire others to get involved and provide a helping hand to those less fortunate, it was obvious to Benny. He shared that all of us just need to lead by example; and that, in and of itself, will demonstrate the true benefits of giving. He encourages individuals and organizations alike to step up and make a difference where they can, big or small.

The Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital is another recipient of Benny’s generosity; he says that he was happy to help with recent funding goals and looks forward to being more involved in this regard in the future.

Benny expresses his tremendous appreciation for the Portraits of Giving recognition. It was truly unexpected, yet a lovely surprise, to a man who naturally embodies what this award represents.


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