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Glenn D. Crosby

2018 Markham Honouree

Glenn Crosby has been in commercial real estate since 1990 and is presently Senior Vice President and Broker at Lennard Commercial Realty, Brokerage.

Glenn grew up in Scarborough and has always been active in the community, a way of life that was ingrained by his parents at an early age. He was involved in local Unionville activities including the committee for building the addition to Central United Church, and Chair of the Unionville Festival. In the mid-1980s, Glenn was invited to sit on the board of the new proposed Markham Stouffville Hospital, which he recalls as a great feat and valuable experience; they came in under budget and on time. Glenn was Chair for the first three years the hospital was open (1990-1993). After serving his term, he sat out for a couple of years, and eventually saw an opportunity to get engaged at Unionville Home Society (Unionvilla). It’s been a long ten-plus-years, but Glenn is proud to share they are now pushing through to the final stages of redevelopment that will expand seniors’ housing on the campus, and provide funds to ensure the sustainability of the site in an appropriate form.

Glenn’s philosophy is to contribute when and where you have the necessary skills, experience to help, and the enthusiasm to lead.

Glenn believes that personal growth, the satisfaction of a job well done, and helping others to make a better community, are all part of the value and rewards for both individuals and organizations. He urges people to reconsider and evaluate their environmental and social impacts on their community. Being socially responsible has a positive result for everyone.

The unanticipated dividends for Glenn include a new marvelous circle of friends, as well as the pride in witnessing the positive improvements that have resulted. Glenn still considers MSH (Markham Stouffville Hospital) as his hospital and he looks forward to passing on the leadership at UHS (Unionville Home Society) in a sustainable manner.

To inspire others to get involved, it can be as simple as soliciting their help, or mentoring them, and encouraging their new ideas and engagement. Glenn has demonstrated this by example where, as one of the youngest Unionvilla board members from the time he started ten years ago, he has since recruited quite of few of the current members. And, as it should be in his eyes, Glenn is now the oldest board member.

Glenn envisions his role developing into more of a mentor in the future, something he is very well equipped to do.

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