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Jason Kaptyn

2018 Richmond Hill Honouree

Jason Kaptyn began as a student with the Sheraton Parkway Hotel in the year 2000, and became its owner and president at twenty-five years of age.

Jason’s inspiration was his grandfather John, a philanthropist who believed in giving back. John started the family’s hotel business in 1979 and was always involved in supporting the community. Jason desired to help others too, and as the family continued to partner with local charities, he also wanted to make a difference in the international community. Jason intentionally selects projects where donations go directly to making long-term improvements, not only bettering current residents, but the generations to follow.

Passionate about what he does, Jason thrives when he is busy. Naturally he attracts like-minded people to join his teams, and together they make it happen.

Jason believes that we all share responsibility for the global community, for protecting the environment to the best of our capabilities, and for extending a hand to assist others less fortunate, empowering them to help themselves. Missions like the Ghana Project, funded by Canadian Feed the Children, allow people to develop and grow physically and emotionally. It’s about giving people the tools they need to do things better, and provide training so they can build, grow, and feel good about advancing themselves, their families, and surroundings. Donating a crate of food seems easier, but it’s a short-term solution that doesn’t build self-esteem. Providing goats, hens, seeds, tools, then teaching them about taking their excess goods to market, will create more long-term rewards.

Continuing the family’s philanthropy gives Jason pure joy, and further acknowledges his grandfather’s generous heart. Their combined efforts are changing lives now and for the future.

The meaningful message Jason imparts and the accompanying rewards are priceless. The more we connect with people, the more we share the pure, simple benefits derived from getting involved and contributing to society.

He says that Portraits of Giving is a prime example, and if this motivates one more individual to participate, or develop their own benevolent program, it’s worth sharing the story. What is paramount to Jason is inspiring others to understand and adopt the mindset of giving back.

Along with his partnership with Canadian Feed the Children, Jason continues to support many local charities, as he values the close-to-home connection. Doing their part to provide backing for local arts initiatives and hospitals in York Region, where they feel deeply linked, is of great importance to the him and the Parkway team.


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