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Insights from Benson Kearley IFG

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

When did Benson Kearley IFG realize that Social Responsibility is important to integrate into the company and why?

This has been part of my DNA since my youth, understanding how blessed our family was and our responsibility that we have to help others less fortunate. As a Co-Founder of Hockey Helps the Homeless I was exposed first hand to the issues of the homeless population and how a simple hand up could help many. I was introduced to the concept of “Conscious Capitalism” a movement that grew out of the 2008 Financial Collapse that changed the focus of business from not only providing value to the shareholder but to the stakeholder. The stakeholders are our Customers, Employee’s, Supplier’s, Community, and Shareholder. We also incorporated “Passionate about giving back” as a core value.

What Giving Back activities have been most effective with Employee Engagement and why do you think that is?

Our own programs, “Home For The Holidays” “Students Making An Impact” & “Dream On” as the employee’s get to meet and hear from the recipients and see how contributing to a successfully run business impacts our community and those less fortunate.

What other benefits have you seen through giving back with your Employees?

We set ourselves apart as an employer. Many business’s give back to the community through sponsorships and donations, few however don’t take it to the level of running programs and engaging deep in the community

What advice would you like to share with other companies who want to start engaging their employees through Social Responsibility activities?

The needs are many, focus on what you are passionate about, what your employees will engage with. This will make participation and willingness to give that much more easy.

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