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Jennifer Ettinger

2013 Aurora

Jennifer Ettinger, owner of Fit Your Style is a high-energy, compassionate, goal-driven entrepreneur who approaches all aspects of her life, volunteerism included, with that same vigor. Having moved to Aurora a short five years ago, Jennifer hit the ground running; championing causes, organizing charity fundraisers and raising not-for-profit visibility in the local community. She cites a famous quote as being the mantra for what she does: “The more you give, the more you receive, and the more you receive, the more you give.” This wonderfully cyclical process means that everyone benefits.

With her own business focused on empowering women, Jennifer was naturally drawn to causes devoted to that same goal. When choosing her volunteer projects, she asks herself, “Does it have the right feel, integrity and truth?” Yes, yes and yes was her resounding answer for the Women’s Centre of York Region (WCYR), which she fondly refers to as “the little engine that could.”

The WCYR is the first organization Jennifer reached out to here in York Region and, having stolen her heart; it continues to be her main focus. The WCYR is a non-profit organization that provides programs, counselling and support services to women affected by abuse or financial challenges. Like Jennifer’s own clients, who she says are often “broken spirits uncomfortable with their own bodies”, women at the WCYR are also in need of a support system to get them back on their feet and feeling fabulous.

For the last four years Jennifer has organized, sponsored and emceed a fundraiser for the Centre called Women Wine & Chocolate, which has raised just over $35,000 in that time. This, now signature event for the WCYR is a complete celebration of “health and being of the feminine spirit”. Women are invited to come and enjoy a social evening with friends, browse the wares of specialized vendors, and of course, enjoy wine and chocolate, too! Yet, as Jennifer puts it, “It is so much more than meets the eye. Each entry ticket and raffle ticket goes directly to changing the life of a woman.” Aside from this annual event, Jennifer also volunteers her speaking services to the Centre, speaking on behalf of them at a multitude of WCYR functions, including the Women’s Incubator. In 2012, she was nominated for the Ruby Award for her work with the Centre. This award is given by the Soroptimist Club acknowledging women who are helping women.

Keeping in line with her own goals of empowering women, Jennifer also reaches out to adolescent girls through volunteer speaking engagements with the Girl Guides of Canada where she promotes girl power and body confidence on this impressionable age group.

Body confidence and empowerment go hand in hand with nutrition and Jennifer says that it needs to start early. Also a nutrition expert, Jennifer volunteers her time with the York Region School Board where she spearheads a Healthy Families, Healthy Kids initiative. What started as an effort to encourage healthy eating habits and exercise in her daughter’s Aurora school, quickly transformed into a region wide initiative to inspire people to make a difference in their family’s health.

When asked why she does what she does, Jennifer says it is very simple; “When you can stand before someone who is in tears because you have changed their life, it is just so incredible. That is why I do what I do,” she said.


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