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Mike and Kelly Foley

2019 King Honouree

Mike and Kelly Foley own Foley Restoration, a family-operated business which they began in 1991. Since then, Foley Restoration has grown from a staff of three to fifteen. It originally provided service to King and most of York Region. Over the years, the area they serve has expanded to include Mississauga, Brampton, and the GTA. Foley Restoration also provides Catastrophe Response (Cat Response) when a disaster happens in other areas such as Thunder Bay, Peterborough, Kingston, and Windsor.

Their motto is when disaster strikes, they strike back. Given that their business is in insurance and restoration, they help people daily and strive to salvage the things that mean the most to them. The Foleys and their staff see people at one of the most traumatic times in their lives. Being compassionate, sensitive, and responding with consistency and calm are paramount to serving the needs of their clients. Kelly Foley says, “We get to help rebuild what they have lost. That is why we do this.”

The Foleys were among a select group of businesses recognized for their company’s adaptability and sustainability, incremental growth, and inspiring commitment as valued corporate citizens. The annual plaque presentation was made to Mike and Kelly by King Township’s Mayor, Steve Pellegrini.

In addition to their business success, the Foleys are very active with local charities and programs. Each year they choose a cause and plan a fundraiser which includes their staff. Then they match what their employees raise, and the total donation goes to different organizations in their community. Mike and Kelly really believe in supporting locally, and they encourage others to make the time and effort to do the same. Their children have always participated with them, helping at the Schomberg Fair and volunteering with different groups.

The Foleys have been involved with numerous organizations and charities including sports groups, Lions Clubs, Masons, and the King Chamber of Commerce. They were especially proud to help sustain the annual Nobleton Christmas Drive when it was having trouble meeting the needs of the community and there was concern that it may have to close down.

Another initiative very important for Mike and Kelly to support is the King Fire Prevention program for their local school. Because of the work they do, they have seen first-hand how fire and smoke can devastate someone’s life in an instant. Education and prevention are the key.

Kelly was born and raised in King Township and Mike has been there since 1983 when they got married. They have lived, worked, and raised their children in York Region. Now, the Foley’s inspiring tradition carries on as their two sons have joined the business.


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