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June 2018 - Insights from HJ Pfaff Audi About Social Responsibility

1) When did Pfaff realize that Social Responsibility is important to integrate into the company and why?

Pfaff has always recognized that we serve three communities: our customers, fans of driving and riding, and most importantly, the communities where we operate. From our first retail location in 1964, Pfaff has been an integral part of the greater Toronto community. Our commitment to the region is demonstrated through our participation in and contribution to the people and institutions of the area.

While we have always contributed to our local communities through sponsorship of events and donations to local charities, in 2018, we implemented a company-wide giving policy focused around supporting the health of the communities where we live and work. Each Pfaff dealership is connected with a local hospital and supports local healthcare initiatives, giving our efforts focus and clarity.

2) What Giving Back activities have been most effective with Employee Engagement and why do you think that is?

Our paid time off (PTO) initiative has been phenomenally successful across the group. The PTO program allows employees to purchase days off, and money collected is donated to hospitals and healthcare initiatives connected to our local dealerships.

3) What other benefits have you seen through giving back with your Employees?

In addition to providing deep connections to our local communities, our giving back programs have also proven to unite our employees, giving them a sense they are all working as a team for a common cause. This feeling spills over from giving back, to the way that employees interact with each other every day; and it brings our teams closer together in their day-to-day work.

4) What advice would you like to share with other companies who want to start engaging their employees through Social Responsibility activities?

For Pfaff, building connections to the communities where we live and work, and forging deep local roots, has proven most beneficial, because their efforts, and the company’s, are tangible. Clear communication of the strategy is also important both internally and externally - it helps us remain focused, and it also provides clarity to those who seek to engage with us from outside.


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