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Robin Priestly

2018 King Honouree

Robin Priestly is Executive Vice President of Priestly Demolition Inc., and through their family business she has become active in the community on many levels, providing donations and participating in everything from golf tournaments to hospital galas. She has contributed their services in-kind to organizations such as Southlake Hospital and C.E.T.A. (the Care Enough To Act program led by Kenaidan Contracting Ltd). What she enjoys most about her role is the people she gets to work with every day.

As a young girl, Robin recalls helping her father in numerous ways such as putting up donor signs for the local blood drive. She would also accompany him on regular visits to nursing homes for their bingo nights, and they would always take part in the annual town parades. Her father was their hockey coach too, and his business sponsored their team.

When Robin grew older she continued in her father’s footsteps. In high school she started a club called Inter-Act which partnered students with the Aurora Rotary Club in various volunteering efforts. As a young mother, Robin undertook to coach soccer for seven years with the Aurora Soccer club, and for the past seven summers she has chaired the Tea Lake Regatta for their cottage community.

Robin feels that it is very important for people to get themselves and their families involved in initiatives that interest them and can benefit others. There are many organizations, small and large, needing volunteers to help them carry out their cause. In our ever-evolving society of online communication and social media, sometimes the true art of volunteering can be lost. Getting out and spending time with kids, the elderly, and animals in need, can be extremely rewarding and nurturing to the soul.

Robin has also served on the Board of Directors for the Ontario Association of Demolition Contractors and the King Chamber of Commerce. Since 2012 she has participated in the Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer fundraiser for Princess Margaret Hospital, and in 2017, she repelled down City Hall in Toronto for Make a Wish Foundation.

Robin doesn’t necessarily consider what she does as giving back; it is simply being community-minded. She feels tremendously privileged for the opportunity, the knowledge, and experience gained by being a part of countless amazing businesses and causes in York Region and the GTA.

Not certain of what the future holds, Robin does know volunteering will always be a part of what she does. As she moves through different phases in her life, tapping into what fuels her passions and expanding interests will help to navigate her philanthropic path.


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