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Royson Ng

2014 Markham

“Success is about being in the position to give back.

Royson Ng, born in Malaysia, immigrated to Canada in 1991 in search of better education for his children. He found it was difficult to find employment without Canadian experience. Although challenging, he does not regret his move to Canada and having to start from the bottom. His first job was as a pumping attendant at Gas station followed by a position at Future Shop until he joined Samtack in Markham in 1998. Now, as President of Samtack, a major distributor supplying all the major retailers, 95% of employees are immigrants. In 2005 Royson won the ACCE, Entrepreneur of the Year Award and felt it was time to give back to the community.

“Part of the responsibility of an entrepreneur is to give back to the community.”

His photograph was taken at the Association of Chinese Canadian Entrepreneurs building in Markham. Royson created The Welcome Kits For Newcomers while President of the Association of Chinese Canadian Entrepreneurs. The kits are distributed to all the community centers to help newcomers moving to York Region integrate both socially and economically. The kit, supported by public and corporate sponsors, includes information on government and corporate services available in the York Region. ACCE believes that easy access to information will help newcomers succeed.

“When I immigrated 23 years ago I was on my own. On my first trip downtown Toronto to apply for a health card I walked all the way from Front street to Eglinton because I thought Yonge Street was short. It took me one and a half hours get there! There was no one to help me. I spoke English, but in those days there was less help for immigrants. So by giving these Welcome Kits I feel like I am addressing my former self.”

Royson helps newcomers adapt by encouraging them to be Canadian. He maintains that integration is important. He gives immigrants opportunities to gain Canadian experience in the workplace and make them feel at home so that they can contribute to Canadian society. “This is where the satisfaction comes from. It’s not about money, it’s about sharing knowledge to make others successful.”

Royson works to offer job training through co­op, skill training, job shadowing, mentorship for York Region Schools, YMCA and is involved in speaking to business forums, colleges, welcome centers and universities on leadership and motivation to the encourage young entrepreneurs.

Royson is the Co­chair and Director of The Chi Heng Foundation. Royson dedicates his time to help support the education of orphans affected by AIDS in China to help them to better themselves. Blood selling in Central China and drug abuse in Southwest China are the two primary reasons for the spread of the AIDS epidemic. Royson gives back because it touches his heart.

“This is meaningful because the orphans grow in confidence and they are able to step out of the segregation they might have felt because of their situation in life. This relates to my own reason for immigrating to Canada, I am so blessed with my three children. I feel successful because they got the chance to be who they want to be.”

Samtack employees help raise funds because they believe in this cause by organizing events including their own warehouse sale, donating goods for silent auction, concerts and art drawing exhibition. The Main fundraising event is through a Telethon on Fairchild TV. Samtack provides office and telephone facilities, staff and volunteers to answer telephone calls and raise over $100K each event. Other charity involvement includes Children’s Miracle Network, Food Drives, Toy Mountain Drive, donations to disaster funds etc.

“My eldest kids are hospitable, they are giving, they have been involved with mission clinics in Southern Angola and AIDS villages in Henan, China. They have learned the value of giving back. I think they chose their profession based on it. I see my life as a success because my children are now well educated and happy and two of them are going to be doctors.”

Royson’s children developed skills that they would not have had the opportunity to explore had they not come to Canada. They developed character and were educated academically and socially. Along with his wife, giving back has become a family endeavour.


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