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Shakir Rehmatullah

2017 Markham Honouree

Shakir Rehmatullah, President and Founder of Flato Development Inc., is a community builder across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Shakir’s father, a builder and developer in Pakistan, introduced his son to the building and construction industry at a young age.

With his first-hand experience in the industry, Shakir chose to enhance his knowledge by studying architectural engineering at the University of Miami. Shortly after graduating, he moved to Canada with his family and began working in the construction industry. After several years of working in construction in Canada, Shakir started Flato Developments Inc. The head office is currently based out of Markham, Ontario, where Shakir lives with his wife and four children. The Markham Building Excellence Award was awarded to Flato Developments in 2011. This award is presented annually to new home builders that demonstrate compliance with the Building Code regulations, the Building Code Act, and conduct exemplary site administration. At his core, Shakir is a man who advocates putting society first—understanding that building communities is much more than just building homes. Creating dynamic, vibrant neighbourhoods means giving back to the services that we all love and share. He believes in making a real difference in the community where he builds; and his philanthropic efforts reflect this deep-rooted sense of responsibility. Well known for his generosity, Shakir provides ongoing support to hospitals, charities, and recreational organizations, including the Markham Stouffville Hospital, Brampton Civic Hospital, as well as local hockey teams, and more. Giving back to the community where we build is important to me.” - Shakir Rehmatullah. The significance of the arts in the community is also close to Shakir’s heart, and he has partnered with and continues to support the Flato Markham Theatre and the Varley Art Gallery. A major corporate sponsor and official custodian of the Flato Markham Theatre, Flato’s naming agreement with the City of Markham’s Theatre is the first developer to have formed such a partnership in Markham’s history. Shakir strongly believes that aiding services, the arts, and recreational activities keeps our communities active, healthy, and thriving for future generations to enjoy.

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