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Tina Tehranchian

2019 Richmond Hill Honouree

Tina Tehranchian of Assante Capital Management Ltd. has been a financial advisor since 1991 and is among the first-ever group of Certified Financial Planner (CFP) professionals in Canada to receive the Fellow of FPSC™ distinction from the Financial Planners Standards Council in 2011. This formally recognizes individuals who have helped advance FPSC's vision of seeing Canadians improve their lives by engaging in financial planning. She has often been quoted as an industry expert in The Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, and The National Post, and has been featured on national radio and television.

When it comes to her philanthropic endeavours, Tina truly believes that the more you give the more you will receive. She has volunteered on the boards of many organizations over the last two decades, also chairing countless fundraisers and galas, including four McMichael Moonlight Galas beginning in 2012 which raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the gallery.

Tina says the most unexpected gift in all of this has been the amazing friendships that have evolved with fellow board and committee members who’ve shared her passion and enthusiasm for the same causes. “Board engagements eventually end, and you cannot chair galas forever, but you do keep the friends you meet along the way.” This and the satisfaction that comes from feeling that she’s made a difference are the most worthwhile rewards Tina’s received from volunteering. She encourages those who are thinking of volunteering to pick a charity or community initiative that matters to them and try giving just an hour a week, or even a month to get started. Once you do and you find your place, you will see what she means, and you can decide to devote more time and effort at your own pace.

The Joy of Aging fundraiser for Mackenzie Health Foundation has been another wonderful initiative with deep community roots that Tina has co-founded and co-chaired. It was established in 2009 by the team at the Richmond Hill branch of Assante Capital Management Ltd. With the help of dedicated volunteers, their entire branch staff, and the support of generous community sponsors, over $340,000 has been raised. This fundraiser has been a great contributor to the solidarity of the Assante team and their spirit of giving and social responsibility.

Tina has also been very involved with health care, social services, education, and the arts. She recently joined the board of Art Canada Institute in hopes of helping the organization have a positive impact on the preservation of Canadian art history, making art education accessible to all Canadians, and exposing the world to Canadian art.


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