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Carly & Joe Lyons-Rising

2024 Stouffville Honouree

carly and joe lyons-rising stoufville

When most people think about starting their own business, they don’t think first about the money they want to give away (to charity), but that’s precisely what Joe Lyons-Rising envisioned as being the starting point and foundation of Data Gives Back.

It was during the pandemic that Seasons Centre held an outdoor ribbon-cutting ceremony and at the same time, on the same day and with the same people, Joe & Carly Lyons-Rising celebrated the launch of Data Gives Back.

As a child survivor of parental suicide, Joe understands in a deeply personal way, the importance of supporting and being involved with an organization like Seasons Centre, because nothing like it existed thirty years ago when he lost both of his parents. 

Joe and his wife Carly had been volunteering with the organization for a couple of years before the idea for Data Gives Back was born.  “Grief is something you deal with throughout your entire life” and by creating a unique social enterprise that helps their clients and uses 25% of monthly revenues to support grieving children and families through Seasons Centre, Joe and his wife Carly have embraced the fulfillment and success that has come from the support they provide to others in their day-to-day business and in their personal lives.

Designated the Executive Grief Ambassador for Seasons Centre since 2020, it wasn’t until the 2023 Seasons Centres Annual Celebration of Life event that Joe was asked to be a guest speaker and shared his exceptional truth and extraordinary story of loss.  It was a day he won’t soon forget as both of his parents were honoured during the event and the connection it created for everyone in attendance was overwhelmingly positive.  Through his life and their work, Joe and Carly Lyons-Rising are giving much more than hope back to the children and families that are grieving. 

‘Do Good with Data’ is more than a slogan for Data Gives Back; it’s the core of their identity and that sentiment goes well beyond Seasons Centre for Grieving Children.  Carly and Joe have a strong commitment to social and environmental excellence and recently achieved B Corp Certification, validating their efforts to balance profit and purpose, confirming their business operations and decisions reflect a high standard of accountability and transparency.

As a result of their hard work and pledge to healing and helping, Carly and Joe were the recipients of the ‘2023 People & Professionals’ award from the Stouffville Chamber of Commerce, an unexpected accolade that only further solidified their values and commitment to social and planetary responsibility.

“Success and fulfillment come from not only achieving your goals but also from the support you provide to others along the way”. – Joe Lyons-Rising

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