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Marc & Courtney Di Stefano

2024 Paramedic Honourees

paramedic award

At the core of every paramedic beats a heart that is selfless, compassionate and beyond courageous.  Imagine finding and falling in love with someone whose heart beats to the very same drum as your own?  That’s the real-life fairy-tale Marc & Courtney Di Stefano have designed, built and nurtured while they both serve and protect their community as proud and passionate York Region paramedics.

Both were hired in 2009 by York Region, marking a very exciting time for them individually as professionals.  They loved their work.  They both understood the realities of the job and although school had not prepared them for any of the non-lifesaving realities, they found understanding, support, comfort and sometimes even humor in it as a double-medic couple when they began dating in the Fall of 2010.

Overcoming obstacles and making important (often lifesaving) split-second decisions is something paramedics often do quite naturally well – thank goodness!  There is considerable trauma and drain that comes with the career of a first responder, and it often isn’t talked about.  As a married couple in the same line of work, Marc and Courtney have embraced this complicated truth, making it part of their mission, legacy and success story of life. 

December 8, 2015, marked the first annual Winter Charity Gala, an exclusive evening for paramedics to openly celebrate, share, honor and heal some of the sacrifices they’ve made as individuals and as a collective.  Support.  Acceptance.  Community. 

This dynamic and giving duo also turned their deeply painful fertility struggles into a positive; In 2021, Courtney and three other brave women published a book called, Where’s Helen?: Real & Raw Infertility Journeys.  You can find the book and praise for what it meant to readers all over the internet.  100% of proceeds have been donated to the community.

While there were many sleepless nights and sacrifices made before she arrived, Marc and Courtney gratefully welcomed their first daughter Callie into the world on July 18, 2021.  Parenthood allowed two humble and beautiful lifesavers to become the caregivers they’d always dreamed of becoming.  Last year they doubled their love when they welcomed their second daughter, Elle on May 30th, 2023.

The 2024 Gala was planned from home while Courtney enjoyed her second maternity leave, but masterfully executed by fellow paramedics, family, friends, neighbors and community members.  “They make this happen,” Courtney said of the incredible support and effort it takes to sell tickets, gather gifts and donations for the silent auction and raffle, as well as working the event. and even working the event.  This year had a record turnout for attendance and contributions.  To date, the Winter Charity Gala has raised and given nearly $60,000.00 within the community towards resources that support paramedics dealing with PTSD and mental health struggles. 

The Di Stefano family are a shining example of what makes York Region the proud, safe and beautiful place it is to live, work and raise a family.  We are grateful to have you as friends, neighbors and most definitely as our dedicated first responders.

“Never give up…sometimes life kicks you in the ass…in your career and/or in your personal life…but you never give up”. – Courtney Di Stefano (and her father)




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