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Janine Purves

2017 Richmond Hill Honouree

A Financial Planner by trade, Janine Purves has been with Assante Wealth Management for eighteen years. She believes that the community’s strength reflects those of us in it, and we each have a talent we can use to help make it a better place.

Janine has focused on volunteering since completing university, and has found each experience very gratifying. The endeavour she’s invested the most time in has been The Joy of Aging. This stemmed from dealing with many aging clients and seeing situations where women worked so hard to care for others, but they didn’t take time to care for themselves. The Joy of Aging event provides them a special morning to be pampered and learn about healthy aging.

Each time Janine is affected by something she instinctively immerses herself in contributing to find positive solutions and supporting those in need. Janine views working in the community as a privilege, one that leaves her with a tremendous sense of fulfillment. Her efforts started a number of years ago at the school her two children attended, and branched out to Toastmasters, the Chamber of Commerce (if business thrives, communities thrive), and DECA (supporting business clubs at the high school level). Then, The Joy of Aging was born. More recently, she’s become involved with Seneca College, Aphasia Institute, and has now taken on sponsorships supporting Heart & Stroke, mental health at the High Notes Gala, and the arts through the McMichael Gallery & Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts—all to help educate and increase awareness.

Many people are hesitant to commit because they feel they can’t manage the time, or they might not measure up. Janine is a true champion of “Just saying yes,” whether it helps one person or an organization. Whatever the task, a little time from each of us is all it takes. Janine simply wants to do her part, and one of the most enjoyable elements is seeing others get involved and realizing it’s a great experience. Over the years, Janine’s daughters influenced her participation in some causes and activities, but now they sometimes join her and see the benefits personally.

On every occasion that Janine has given back, in one form or another, she has been rewarded by new skills, new contacts, or simply by a more gratifying life. She believes that making a difference in other people’s lives is a key to happiness; striking the balance between one’s level of contribution and volunteer time, yet continuing to work (empowering others with the ability to give too) and ensuring her family has the right support as well.


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