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John Ciarallo

2017 King City

John has been in the grocery industry for thirty-seven years, all of it with the Loblaw Companies organization. His career has given him the opportunity to travel throughout Ontario and Canada, and he has yet to see anything more important to families than providing food for their children. Coming from an Italian background, John recalls every milestone being celebrated with food.

His most memorable moments of giving back happens daily, as John observes his customers and staff donating to the King Township Food Bank ‎in a bin that he had custom designed and built to assist the volunteers in collecting the donations. The bin has caster wheels which allow it to be rolled outside to a waiting car. A swing door was also installed so the bin could be easily opened to collect the donations without having to reach in for every item. The Food Bank assists many people throughout King Township, and John works closely with them, emphasizing that food is a daily necessity and not just for special occasions.

‎ John supports and attends numerous community events that improve the quality of life for many in the area throughout King and York Region.John is also an active member of the King Chamber of Commerce which allows him to interact with many local business owners who share the same passion for the community.

This past spring, working with local councillor, David Boyd, and the principle and parent council at St. Mary's School, John was able to sponsor a Buddy Bench. This bench is installed in the playground for anyone who is new to the school and needs a friend, or for a child who may not be included in play activities. When they sit there, other students will go and welcome them and invite them to join in their activities. It's also an excellent anti-bullying strategy. This particular project was extremely satisfying for John, as the whole school came out for the unveiling, and so many smiling children made it very memorable for him. Currently, he is also working with Nobleton Public School to provide a Buddy Bench for their school yard.

John supports causes not for the recognition, but for the personal goodwill that comes from it. It is his hope that his example will inspire others to contribute their time, services, or dollars for the betterment of others in the community.

John always finds it surprising and humbling when approached by people who express their thanks or have positive comments regarding an event or activity he has been involved in. That's the most rewarding aspect of giving. It's guaranteed to make you smile when you least expect it.


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