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Kathy Foch

2017 Georgina Honouree

In 2016, Kathy Foch celebrated twenty-five years in real estate in Georgina Township. Her tag line is, “Helping YOU is what I do!” and this speaks volumes about who she is.

Simply put, Kathy is inspired to reach out. Giving back started with sponsoring hockey teams, and giving a Player of the Game certificate to each player on each team. For away games, she rented a hospitality suite which was soon filled with crock pots full of great food, and at Christmas, all players received a gift. This remains one of Kathy’s fondest memories, as the teams and their parents became extended family and many are close friends still today.

As Kathy explains, “It’s how you feel when you do what you do. Giving is addictive.” Kathy often mentors new realtors, always suggesting they get involved in their community and give back however they can.

Although Kathy has received numerous awards, she is quick to add, as rewarding as that may be, they are never the reason. Early on, Kathy was involved with the Optimists Club; and since its inception in 1999 sponsored the Celebration of the Arts by giving a bursary to many gifted artists.

Kathy has also supported numerous Open Houses at the Fire Halls in Georgina to educate and promote safety, and for this endeavour, received the Ontario Fire Marshall’s Award.

In 1999, Kathy’s Christmas Wish (KCW) was established, which was initially about street-proofing and safety. To help fund this, she donates $100 to KCW for each business transaction she makes, and sends a letter to her client advising them of the donation. In her first year, 1,500 kids were fingerprinted. Following the focus on fingerprinting, Kathy gives bursaries to Georgina high schools to acknowledge and reward best business practices.

In celebration of her twenty-five-year milestone in real estate, Kathy ran a campaign, 25 Years in Georgina, generously donating $250 to twenty-five charities in 2016. Further to this, Kathy made a final donation of $2,500 to one very fortunate organization that was chosen by the community at large.

Kathy’s commitment comes from her passion, and her advice aligns with this, “Find what you’re passionate about and channel it. Even if it benefits just one person it will have been worthwhile.”

Although she is not sure what form it will take, Kathy is definite that when she retires she will spend even more doing what calls to her.

Kathy’s picture near the trees in front of the Georgina Civic Centre is symbolic for two reasons: the trees represent family and community with its strong roots and many branches, and the Civic Centre is a reminder of where Kathy began her community service by sponsoring kids in sports.


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