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Kevin Murdoch

2017 Newmarket Honouree

Twenty-five years ago Kevin relocated his investment management business, The Murdoch Group, from Toronto to Newmarket, initially to spend more time with family. Ultimately, he immersed himself in community activities and local charities.

Kevin believes that if we have the ability to do for others we should get involved, and surround ourselves with like-minded people to ensure the job gets done.

The best rewards are intangible, like each example below. Kevin relates it to when he first started with various charities and not-for-profits, not realizing how much was being accomplished behind the scenes.

Working with Easter Seals and seeing the kids’ faces when they received unexpected gifts was very moving for Kevin. Equally so was having someone walk up to Kevin with tears in their eyes, and say, “If Southlake Cardiac Centre hadn’t been in our community, I’d be dead; thank you for spearheading the Foundation.”

Then, Kevin joined Cedar Centre’s board. At that time, there was an eighteen-month waiting list for victims of childhood sexual abuse to be seen by therapists; as cases are reported now, a child is seen almost immediately. These are forged in Kevin’s mind and heart, and constantly spur him on.

When a fundraising event for the Cedar Centre is held, it’s evident that kids and adults of childhood sexual abuse and trauma are being helped. For Kevin, the Cedar Centre Wall of Hands signifies what is happening to make a difference, so it was meaningful to have his Portraits of Giving photo taken here. As a child completes their therapy journey to health, they put their painted handprint on the wall, signifying two things; one they are a survivor and it wasn’t their fault. And two, for those walking in the doors for the first time, it provides hope that they too will heal and leave their handprint behind for someone else. It’s incredibly powerful.

Life is fuller when you can create a smile on someone’s face, reflecting a positive change that you’ve had a part in. Kevin’s family, friends, and associates have a similar compassion and kindness and support Kevin’s efforts at every turn.

As stewards in our community, Kevin is convinced of the importance to introduce people to causes they may be unaware of or just need encouragement to take that first step. The community is full of amazing people and if everyone invited one person into the circle, imagine the possibilities. Kevin is inspired by this meaningful quote from Mike Lipkin, “We are all angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.”


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