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Marg Hachey

2010 Richmond Hill

Marg Hachey - Businesses Who Care: Portraits of Giving 2010

Gratitude. That’s the word Marg Hachey uses to describe the many ways she has given back to the community over the years. As a cancer survivor, and daughter of cancer survivor, mother and grandmother, Marg Hachey is so grateful for what she has that she wants to share it. This entrepreneurial woman, founder of Duocom Canada Inc., has supported many initiatives including: Youth in Motion Education Fund, Women in Motion, and Women’s’ Initiative at Rotman School of Management. The moment that stands out above all others in Marg Hachey’s abundant charity history is the very first CIBC Run for the Cure. This event, founded by her sister and supported by Marg in recognition of her mother, a breast cancer survivor, has grown from 1,500 to over 17,000 participants. Marg is currently working to raise funds for terminally ill cancer patients to receive treatment at the Vivian Medical Spa.

Written by: Heather Anne Lambert; Photography by Karen Merk


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