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Mary Georgopoulos

2010 Aurora

Mary Georgopoulos - Businesses Who Care: Portraits of Giving 2010

For Mary Georgopoulos, giving back to the community is personal. It’s about the joy of connecting with others and knowing she helped make a difference in someone’s life. Owner of Jonathon’s Restaurant, named after the oldest of her three children, Mary has hosted events for Big Brothers, Canadian Abuse Awareness, the Children’s Aid Society, the Christmas Dream, Safe Haven and the Aides Committee of York. Mary’s favourite fundraising events are those where she can connect with others. Like the time students of G.W. William’s were canvassing for a friend who had cancer. Jonathon’s hosted a fundraiser for the terminally ill teenager and his family and Mary was touched by the sheer volume of Aurora residents who contributed. Mary’s mantra, ‘I am so blessed’ trickles down to those in need, sharing her heartfelt joy. Mary and the staff of Jonathon’s celebrated their 21st anniversary fundraiser, “It’s All Greek to Me”, in April 2010. Proceeds went to Safe Haven.

Written by: Heather Anne Lambert; Photography by Karen Merk

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