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Michelle Frauley

2024 King Township Honouree

michelle frauley

Michelle Frauley is a woman who leads with her heart, using kindness and compassion more like superpowers.  Her leadership, influence and example have raised the standards for King Township business and community.  Giving and serving are two of the things Michelle does best and most often.  She’s been nominated three times (by peers and patients) for the Toronto Star Florence Nightingale Award for Ontario Nurses during her nursing career.

Michelle is a Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA) and founded Hospall Private Homecare in 2014 with the intention of offering, sharing, and teaching her interactive caregiving methods with her team and residents.  She was recognized by the International Nurses Association as a Worldwide Leader in Healthcare in 2016 for her achievements with Hospall, and for her contributions in her previous position at King City Medical Associates.

The pandemic was a very scary and uncertain time for most, but Michelle, who’s nursing experience spans more than three decades, made it her personal goal to help make the King Township Vaccination Clinic and the municipality itself a true success story, which it was!  Personally approached and requested by the King City Fire Chief,  as Nurse Coordinator of the Vaccine Clinic, she was a leader and mentor not only to the community and volunteers but also to the doctors and nurses she supported and encouraged, keeping the community safe while helping everyone achieve their successes.  Michelle and her husband Bruce have been volunteers with the King City Food Bank for over 4 years as residents and as a business.

Recently named and celebrated “Citizen of the Year'' in 2022, her impact as a caregiver, volunteer, resident, and business owner (CEO Hospall Private Homecare) can be felt and measured everywhere.  As a champion for local businesses and business opportunities in her everyday life, she has inspired a great deal of activation and engagement in her community.  Her smile and spirit are gleaming, inviting, and hard to ignore.  She was voted in this year by her peers on the Board of Directors and accepted her official role as President of the King Chamber of Commerce, following her term as Vice President and a director for a few years. This will be her second year as the President of the King Chamber of Commerce.

Always embracing the bigger picture, Michelle is a member of the neighboring Aurora Chamber of Commerce, which speaks volumes to her knowledge, experience, and ability to connect, learn and grow with other businesses, individuals, and organizations outside of her own.  Michelle also is approaching her second term as a board director with the York Region Alzheimer’s Society - Hospall Private Homecare raised over $1300.00 this year and had a great time as a team contributing to the IG Wealth Management Walk for Alzheimer’s in York Region.

“Helping people is who I am,” she says.  Personally, and professionally, Michelle promotes physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being in everything she does.  Everyone can thrive when they feel safe and accepted, be that at home, at work or out in the community.  Awards and acknowledgements are not what you’ll find in her fuel tank.  She’s powered by the success of others.



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