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Chantal Bennett

2023 YRP Honouree

Chantal Bennett is a Registered Social Worker with York Regional Police (YRP) and has been a part of the team since 2016. She graduated from Humber College, University of Toronto, and York and McMaster Universities with specialties ranging from Business Management, Psychology, Social Work, Geriatric Education, and Family Mediation.

As part of a Community Services and Engagement–Senior Safety Team she is responsible for delivering community support to clients, their families, and caregivers who may be experiencing psychosocial distress. She provides a critical eye on vulnerable person occurrences, maintaining Project Lifesaver (PLS) and Vulnerable Persons Registry (VPR) databases and triaging appropriate follow-up.

As a visible minority, Chantal cites the systemic discrimination she faced growing up as fuelling her drive to help by treating others with respect, dignity, and positive regard. The feeling of loneliness and isolation, believing that you don’t have anyone to help you or know where to turn for aid, is a feeling that she doesn’t want anyone to experience.

In the field of social work one of the hardest lessons to realize is that you cannot help everyone in need, however, you can offer compassion, respect, and empowerment to all. In the words of John Bunyan, “you have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”

Chantal vividly recalls two memorable moments of giving back. The first was with a client who was socially isolated, had health complications, and declined community supports. Chantal and the Senior Safety Officers formed a rapport with him by attending his residence regularly to monitor his safety, offer companionship, and provide him with warm meals. In doing so, the client became more responsive of receiving supports to address his healthcare needs. Secondly, over the Christmas season Chantal and the Senior Safety Officers delivered donated gifts to bring some holiday cheer to older adults who are socially isolated during the season. Chantal remarks that seeing their faces light up with happiness and appreciation is always so heartwarming and memorable.

To Chantal, the satisfaction of being able to help those experiencing distress in their lives by offering support is a reward in and of itself.

As a youth, Chantal was inspired to help others by witnessing her parents’ altruistic nature to their church and community. Her parents were new immigrants to Canada, and Chantal was impressed that in spite of what little financial resources they had, her parents would always find a way to give to others who were less fortunate than them. They also ensured that this mentality was instilled in their children. Their Christian faith infused all aspects of Chantal’s life and helped shape her benevolent nature to “do unto others, as you would have them do unto you” (Luke 6:31) and always leave the world a better place.


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