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Scott and Barb Allan

2023 Aurora Honouree

Barb and Scott Allan love the town of Aurora, a place they call home and where they raised their three daughters. A dynamic and special couple on the work front as well, they each operate businesses they founded, one in the commercial world and one in the social enterprise space. They have a strong belief that volunteerism enriches communities and the world beyond. Fittingly, their portrait was taken at the repurposed Rectory of Trinity Anglican Church in Aurora which today houses the ABLE Network, co-founded by Barb, along with other social support organizations. The ABLE Network is a fee-for-service, registered charity located in York Region offering a community-based program that provides relevant, inclusive work and recreation opportunities for adults with intellectual disabilities in natural job and community settings.

According to the Allans, giving to others is not like a sports event, there is no moment of victory or trophy to raise. Giving is life and life is giving, it doesn’t have a beginning or ending. The specific situations may change, but the purpose shouldn’t. Barb and Scott were raised in families where community involvement was a day-to-day practice, and they consider themselves fortunate to have had the opportunity to carry this mission on throughout their lives.

Their motto is clear, “From those to whom much has been given, much is expected,” Luke 12:48. Barb and Scott are grateful for many things: their own good health, safe communities, an abundant planet, education, and strong families. They recognize that there are times when others need help to get through difficult circumstances or even to the next day. And Barb and Scott are committed to assisting in any way they can, even if in small ways.

The difficulties that many individuals and families faced, particularly during the pandemic years, have been significant, and this has raised the profile of the importance of giving to others in times of need. This is not a new evolution of humanity, but many of us have not experienced, either through fortunate geographic placement or demographics, such a broad-based time of stress. The pandemic has made us much more aware of the challenges of others, and thankfully, too, of the many who care deeply and continue to step up to help.

It is a blessing for the Allans to witness individuals benefitting from their support. Watching them grow and strive to lead more enriching, happier lives is incredibly rewarding. Yet, even when they do not get to see the positive outcomes of their contributions, Barb and Scott are okay with that too because they believe that good things will always lead to other good things, sight unseen.


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