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Bill Gianopoulos - Market Brewing Co.

2024 East Gwillimbury Honouree

Bill Gianopoulos

It was summer of 2021 when Bill Gianopoulos took a chance, to further invest himself and become co-owner of Newmarket, Ontario’s Market Brewing Company.  Still experiencing socializing and dining restrictions, most folks wouldn’t have chosen the food & beverage industry as their post-pandemic landing pad, but the teams’ vision and desire to serve the community and grow something together was too strong to ignore.


One of the very first fundraisers hosted at Market Brewing Company’s TAPROOM was when the ‘bigger vision’ became crystal clear.  ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.  HAVE FUN.  DO GOOD.  It was a Children’s Wish Foundation event (which Bill takes no credit whatsoever for) that opened his mind, heart and eyes to what possibilities really exist in such an incredible space, and with so many incredible people who want to connect and make a difference.  Over $30,000.00 was raised that first event, and many fruitful and fantastic events have been held there since – which has literally changed the lives of the entire Market Brewing Company Team, who now look forward to annual and ongoing events for the OSPCA, Newmarket Food Pantry, Rose of Sharon, Abuse Hurts, CHATS, Inn From the Cold, York Pride, Hockey for Grace and many more praiseworthy organizations and groups we are so proud to support and serve locally.


Bill has always been a “people person” – connecting naturally with countless others through broadcasting, sports, music, and now through his heart-centred business model creating beautiful possibilities in his own community and gives back in numerous ways to so many.   He never expected that a business endeavor would lead to lifelong friendships, so much community pride and impact, connecting with so many like-minded people, and the magic that continues to present itself in the form of new opportunities, new ideas and new relationships.


You can find Bill in the Market Brewing Company’s Taproom every week…maybe even living his best life, hosting his favourite event – Thursday Charity Bingo Night.  Each month features a different local charity and each week the players learn more about what each organization does and what they need the most.  People play with more passion when they can connect and care about the impact and outcome they’ll make that night, and beyond.


When asked for words of wisdom and experience, Bill’s responses were beautifully simple, logical and encouraging.  He advises anyone to take a chance, especially with their own ideas and passions.  Don’t worry about being “the best”.  Simply do “your best”.  Being a leader is about lifting and inspiring others.  Continue to learn and challenge yourself by working with people who inspire you and push you further than what’s familiar to you.  Small ideas can become very large and meaningful things, especially when you’re willing to think outside of the box.  A one-time event could turn into a weekly or monthly affair, or even an annual gala.  Approach everything like a marathon rather than a sprint so you can consider the bigger picture and longer-term possibilities.  Work Hard.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Have fun.  Do good.



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