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Paul Bailey

2024 Markham Honouree

paul bailey

To say that Paul Bailey had a hand in shaping the landscape of York Region real estate would be an understatement.  His commitment to the health and well-being of our community has resulted in better building practices, more focus on sustainability and set new development standards that will be experienced and appreciated by generations to come.  His most recent Bazil Development project is being praised as an “iconic” neighbourhood model that could set a new standard for building and development in Canada.

The son of a car mechanic and growing up in Northern Orillia, Paul had what he calls “the small-town experience” which he is very grateful for.  He played sports, enjoyed the outdoors and was always very active.  Although they weren’t rich, they had what they needed and there was always enough to share.  His mother was incredibly conscious about giving and that not only influenced young Paul, but it left a lasting and lifelong impression on him to be a more impactful individual.  Helping other people is a different kind of satisfaction.  Paul was always very proud of the work his family did in the community for others.

Pine Grove, his elementary school consisted of two classrooms, making it difficult to ignore some of the obvious disparities between students that left many kids at a disadvantage socially and academically.  This created a divide that Paul to this day feels uncomfortable about and is perhaps part of the reason why Paul is so passionate and generous with his choice of charities today.

He’s on the Southlake Regional Healthcare Board of Directors and shares his financial success with several other local organizations including Ronald McDonald House at Markham Stouffville Hospital, Inn From the Cold, Unionvilla Home Society, Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority Foundation and the McMichael Gallery to name a few.

At a recent fundraiser for Community Living in Newmarket, Paul had a breakthrough moment while absorbing the incredible happiness and optimism in the room.  It occurred to him that every single one of the attendees was enjoying themselves, and not focused at all on limitations.  It was so moving that Paul went home that night and made a $100,000.00 donation and has continued to support them since then.

This Markham honouree has put his heart into his work and his community.  In doing so, he’s created more affordable housing opportunities while establishing protected, practical public spaces for all the community to enjoy.  He creates a more even playing field where nothing existed before, bringing more people together and creating more opportunities for everyone.

“I have always felt that there is plenty enough to go around.  Sharing your good fortune, with those in need, is the most satisfying feeling to experience. – Paul Bailey



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