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Steve Hinder

2010 Aurora

It is no surprise that Steve Hinder, thirty year veteran of the police force and Manager of Community Relations for Magna, considers charity his responsibility. Steve’s long history of giving back includes: Founding Chair of the Board for the Community Safety Village of York Region, coordinator for the York Region Youth Justice Committee and Chair for the Run for Southlake, to name but a few. Of all these experiences there is one that lives on in his life as a guiding principle. While on the board of Children’s Wish Foundation he arranged a ‘wish’ for a terminally ill boy to skate with the Leafs. As Steve watched the joy beaming from the face of this sick child he noted the boy’s determination to make today the best that it can be. This is how Steve decided to live his life. Steve continues to work with Youth through the Optimist Club. They celebrate their 25th anniversary in 2010.

Written by: Heather Anne Lambert; Photography by Karen Merk


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